This is the official site of Imtiaz Sifat, an academic, consultant, and an investor. A recent PhD holder in Business (Finance), Imtiaz is a former Khazanah-Yunus-Center Asia Scholar and is currently affiliated with Sunway University Business School’s Department of Economics & Finance as well as Lancaster University. He was engaged in capital market industry and had earned an MSc. in Finance in addition to a Financial Management focused MBA. Due to his preoccupation with research, teaching, and consulting, content generation for this site is for now on the back-burner. The site will be revamped when time permits. Queries can be sent to

  • Risk Management
  • Risk in Economics & Finance
  • Financial Markets
  • Time-series Analysis
  • Statistical Methods

I am a member of the following professional bodies:

  1. Professional Risk Managers’ International Association
  2. Central Bank Research Association
  3. American Statistical Association
  4. Malaysian Economic Association
  5. Malaysian Finance Association
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